Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disappearing 9-Patch Variation

Disappearing 9-Patch Variation

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This is another way to transform
a 9-patch block into something
more interesting.

Fabric Requirements:

Block A:
4 - 5" squares of dark fabric
5 - 5" squares of light fabric

Block B:
4 - 5" squares of light fabric
5 - 5" squares of dark fabric

Layout squares as shown as
sew together in 3 rows.  Press
seams in rows 1 & 3 to the outside
and seams in row 2 to the inside.

Sew rows together and press
seams to the outside.

Now here comes the interesting
part.  Measure the center block,
in this case it is 4 1/2", now take
half of that measurement which
is 2 1/4" and cut 2 1/4" off both
sides of the blocks as shown.
Set aside strips.

Now take the inner section and
cut 2 1/4" strips from the top
and bottom.  Set strips aside.

Swap the smaller center strips
from each block, layout as shown
and sew back together.

Swap the longer side pieces from
each block and sew together taking
care to match the intersections of the
seams.  Notice there will be extra
fabric at each end.  Square to 13".

And there are your two finished blocks.

These blocks would make
a very interesting quilt.


  1. Your disappearing 9 patch was referenced on the I like your variation. I checked out your other tutorials and hope you continue to provide easy to follow tuts for others to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! This is great. Thank you for sharing the tutotial.

  3. Thanks for sharing your variation...I have posted your link on Freebies For Crafters blog too.
    Thanks, Khris

  4. Ah, so that is how it is done! I saw this on a blog recently, and wondered how on earth....many thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Love this! My I pin it on my Pintest board with the link, so I will be able to reference it later?

    1. Yes, you may pin this. Please follow the blog and tell your friends. I do a tutorial every Wednesday and I hope people will check it out and quilt!
      All the best ~ Ellen

  6. Hi, I too love this quilt, I just finished the top and now have a dilemma.....I ran out of the blue color fabric and want to know what you suggest for a border and/or binding.
    Thanks in advance and thank you for posting! Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn M.
      Could you email me a photo of your quilt top and maybe I could help you with the border?
      My email is

  7. Who knew it was that simple?

  8. Wow, what a great tutorial, and the quilt looks simply fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  9. Found this from Bonnie Hunter's page.... LOVE the pattern Thank you!

  10. Bookmarking this tutorial for future use. Thanks!

  11. Really neat block! This would work so well with so many of the large pieces of fabrics I have in my stash that need to be used. Thanks for the pattern and keep adding more of them.

  12. Love this,will try it! Thanks for the tute!

  13. So nice and a good idea for next Projects.Thank you so much.
    Greetings from Germany!

  14. Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments. Please send me photos of your finished projects and I'll put them on the blog. ~ Ellen

  15. Interesting slash/swap I would have never thought to do that thank you

  16. I did these with a set of red/pink 9 patches & set of green 9 patches. Mixed them all up. great fun. thanks

    1. Thanks Don German, send a photo if possible and I will post it on the American Homestead Facebook page. ~ Ellen

  17. Thank you for the pattern. I have been looking for this pattern for a while now. Mi DIL has a much loved quilt from her childhood, she ask me to repair. Now I can get started. Thank you again.

  18. A fun pattern with the colors you chose. This tutorial was referred by Bonnie Hunter's web site. I think I will SIGN up for your blog if it is still going.