Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Birds in the Air

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 Cut 2 dark & 3 light 3 1/2"
squares, then cut on the diagonal.
Then cut 1 - 8 7/8" square &
cut on the diagonal.

Sew 3 light and dark squares as
shown, mine squared up to 3 1/8".

Sew units together as shown.

I found that pressing seams
as shown above is the best
option to achieve precise points.
Especially that center seam, notice
those seams are pressed in opposite
directions, they will lock together
when you pin the seam.  After
sewing this seam, I pressed the
seam open to reduce bulk.

Sew the final light triangle to
the light & dark unit.  Next you
have to trim the long edge of this
triangle, take care to leave 1/4"
from the points of the dark triangles.

Then sew the above units together
along the long edge of the triangles.

Press seam to the solid triangle
and square to 8 1/2".

Here is another one I made
using different fabrics for the
dark triangles.

This is another with
different fabrics.


  1. I love this block. I want to make it soon. You have a wonder blog. I lie seeing all the things you make. The which way to press as you piece a block is so nice. This is what I have been trying to master..quilting about 1 year and loving it!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. You might like to read this post from my other blog American Homestead. It is called Pressing for Perfection:
      ~ Ellen from Chock-A-Block Quilt Blocks & American Homestead

  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.