Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Contrary Husband

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We are quilting along with Barbara Brackman's
Block of the Week, Grandmother's Choice.

This is how I made my block, it differs from
the original. Many of you may know I have
an aversion to Y-seams, so this gives you the
same look without them. You will not be able
to easily fussy cut on the light outer pieces with
this method but you have a great large center
square which would be perfect for fussy cutting.
It is best to use blendable fabrics for the Fabric A
and Fabric B.

Fabric Requirements:
Fabric A: Light Print
4 - 2 1/2'' squares
4 - 3 1/4'' squares - Mark
a diagonal line on back.

Fabric B: Red
4 - 3 1/4'' squares

Fabric C: Green
1 - 4 1/2'' square

Make Half Square Triangles:

Pair Fabric A and Fabric B 3 1/4'' squares
with right sides together. Sew 1/4'' away from
each side of drawn line. Cut on drawn line and
press seams to the darker fabric.
Square to 2 1/2''.

Assemble Center Side Units:

Layout units as shown and sew together.
Press these seams open to reduce bulk.

Layout units as shown and sew together
in 3 rows. Press seams in row s 1 & 3 to
the right and seams in row 2 to the left.

Sew rows together and square to 8 1/2''.

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  1. I knew your name looked familiar....I am John Adivari's wife lived across the street from his family on Villa Place didn't you...How is your mother Rita?...I hope she is in good health and still baking those wonderful Christmas spritz cookies...she used to send them to Mike every year and they were terrific...Your quilts are lovely. I sew but have never had the patience to make a quilt..... But I do write a blog!! Sue Adivari, Kennesaw Georgia

  2. Thanks for these directions. I too considered doing this for my Contrary Husband block, but haven't decided yet. I also found Jinny Beyer's templates for doing this block, which will require Y seams. I'll be linking to your directions when I post about my finished block.

    1. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your block!

  3. I have been wanting to make the Contrary Husband (after already making a Contrary Wife quilt). I like your directions since it avoids the Y seams. However, can't I make the squares 3" (instead of 3 1/4"), to square up for 2 1/2"?

  4. Thank you for telling how to make this.