Friday, November 8, 2013

My First Book!

Just about a year and a half ago I attended my
first International Quilt Market as a vendor.  I
had just started a quilt pattern design business
and this was my first big time exposure in the
quilt world.

I was in my booth at Market one day and I was busy
with customers.  My fabulous Mr. Wonderful was there
to lend a helping hand, he's great with a hammer and nails
but a needle and thread ~ hmmmm, not so much...
So a woman came into the booth and started asking Rob
some questions which he tried to answer, finally he
confessed,  "I'm just the driver."  To which the woman
replied, "Oh, you're adorable", she then gave him a card
and said she was the Publisher at C&T Publishers.  When
 I finished up with my customers Rob gave me the card
and told the story.  It was a cute story but I was so sad
because I would have LOVED to have had a chance to
speak with a big time publisher.  A short while later
another woman came into the booth and said she was
the Creative Director or C&T Publishing.  She said her
publisher made her come visit this time since she had
been to my booth 3 times already and didn't want to
look like a stalker ~ ha ha!  So we gabbed about quilting
and publishing and old time paste-up methods and when
I returned home the conversations continued and soon
 enough I had a book contract!

And here we are a year and a half later, all the edits
are in and the book is heading to the printer.  I have
learned so much in the past 18 months and it has been
 a fascinating education.  So much energy goes into
making a book and so many people are involved.  It has
 been a wonderful experience.  I can't wait until I actually
 get to hold the book and flip through the pages, that is
still a few months away but the book is available for
 pre-order right now at the following sites:

From C&T:

From Amazon:

I hope everyone enjoys the book!
From my American Homestead,
I wish you All the Best,

~ Ellen
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